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Thoughts for the end of the year

If a small thing has the power to make you angry, does that not indicate something about your size?
Sydney J Harris

Writer's Block: There Can Be Only One

Do you believe in monogamy?


I believe in commitment, honesty, openness, accountability and respect.

These things do not change if you have one or 100 partners.

I am convinced that the capacity to be monogamous is genetic thus being non monogamous is also genetic.

A study into meer cats has shown that there is a genetic difference between meer cats that mate for life and those that have multiple partners. If it is a genetic thing than it is also unrealistic to force everyone to be monogamous.

Thank you Lildevilette

For one of the Best Birthday pressies ever.


My Birthday Has now been changed

As many of you know April is month that has a lot of bad or painful memories in it.

It is also the month that my birthday falls in.

As of today my birthday is the 18th of October.

I will be celebrating my birthday every year from now on, on that date.

Party etc.

This way I dont have to deal with Emo Ian on my birthday.


stupid sleep crap thing

I worked last night till about 10:30pm came home and went to bed, nothing intesting there till at 2:43am i woke up from a dream / nightmare where I got raped by 4 to 7 guys.

did not fall back asleep :(

feel like crap and the feeling of the dream still lingers in my body.

grrr stupid fucking dream / nightmare.

took less than 12 hours

seems the mask will have to stay on a while longer.

it appears that i managed to hurt people i care about in less than 12 hours of being me.

Brilliant blog article on poly dating

I just read this thanks to tacit and thought I should share it http://jennamedaris.com/blog/?p=1418

Its a really good read for all those who are poly or thinking poly


some days are just harder than others.

Come here tomorrow and wash today away

how much chat is to much ?

I am wondering if yuo can have to much IM in ones life.

I look over my instant messaging and I have

Livejournal chat
Facebook Chat

Oh well it cant be helped.